ASM is a non-profit professional organization that promotes and protects the practice of acupuncture in Massachusetts.

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Find a Practitioner

Search for acupuncturists who are licensed to practice in the state of Massachusetts and who are members of ASM.  

Simple Search: Search for a name or a business name (not city/location)

Advanced Search: Many fields to choose from

Click on a practitioner's name to view additional contact information.

Note: The amount of information shown varies from person to person based on their profile privacy preferences.  

ASM Members: Are you seeing your listing? Do you want to hide, add or edit information? You control what is visible through the "privacy" settings in your membership account. Login at the top of the page with your membership email and password. Click your Name to view your profile. 1) First be sure your contact data is up to date. 2) Second, click "show profile to others". 3) To determine what is visible, click on "privacy" and determine what to show/hide. If your business name/location is not visible, be sure to set "Primary Business" data so that it is visible. For assistance email

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