ASM is a non-profit professional organization that promotes and protects the practice of acupuncture in Massachusetts.

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ASM White Coat Ceremony Scholarship

The Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts (formerly the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts)  White Coat Scholarship was created to support a current Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) University/New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) student’s educational endeavors. This student must present with excellence in education, compassion in healing, and support of the Acupuncture profession.

More specifically, this student must show an interest in supporting legislation and state association efforts through advocacy, support, and knowledge.

Application Criteria

Available to current MCPHS University, NESA students starting clinic in the semester following White Coat Ceremony with the following criteria:

  • Current active member of ASM (formerly AOMSM)

  • Demonstrate the qualities of an effective future acupuncturist through self-care, compassion, and educational excellence

  • Dedication to the advancement of the field and advocacy for current legislation

Application Procedures

Completed applications must be returned by March 1 of the year for which the scholarship is awarded. Applications received after March 1 will not be considered. No materials will be returned to the applicant. ASM reserves the right to publish all submitted materials. The application includes:

  • Application Form

  • 1-2 page/about 500 word essay

Essay Questions - Choose One (1)

  1. What are important qualities for a leader within the acupuncture community and why?  How do you see yourself influencing others or fulfilling a leadership role within the profession as you transition from classroom to clinical practice?

  1. What strategies do you have to increase participation within the acupuncture community?  How would you encourage collaboration to advance the profession?

  1. Describe acupuncture to a potential patient who has never heard of it before.  How would you convince them to try it for pain?

  1. What is the importance of a state organization for the acupuncture profession? What is your interpretation of current legislation? What have you done or plan to do to support legislation and ASM efforts?

Selection Process

Essays will be evaluated based on:

  • Completeness of response

  • Originality & execution

  • Quality & creativity

All applications are reviewed by current select members of the ASM board. Selection criteria have been approved by the Board. Scholarship recipients will be notified each year by the end of April. All recipients are encouraged to attend the NESA White Coat Ceremony for the award presentation.

Amount of Scholarships

For the 2017 calendar year, the scholarship will be $250 and the first two years of professional membership in ASM (currently valued at $205).

The Scholarship Program is supported by ASM. Final monetary amount and student(s) awarded will be determined by the Board each calendar year.

Submit Applications to: Linda Robinson-Hidas, ASM President -

PDF of Application



First (Middle) Last

Home address:



_____________________________ ____________    __________

Town/City              State Zip

Primary telephone: (________) ______________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): _______/ _______/ ___________

Anticipated year of NESA graduation: ____________

List any other postsecondary institutions you have attended:

Name: _______________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: _____ Years:  ______________

Name: _______________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: _____ Years:  ______________

Name: _______________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: _____ Years:  ______________

Please confirm you meet all scholarship requirements by initialing the following:

_____ I am a current New England School of Acupuncture Student

_____ I am in my second year at NESA, starting clinic in Summer semester

_____ I am a current member of ASM

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