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The ASM is proud to announce the addition of

"TCM's Essential Role in Solving the Lyme Epidemic"

to our Annual Meeting Day, September 22, 2019.

This talk will explore the central role that Chinese medicine practitioners can (and indeed must!) play in the proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and Lyme-like illness.

You will learn: how to make an accurate clinical diagnosis of Lyme-borreliosis; what Lyme labs mean (and what they don’t); how to navigate and support your patients through the Lyme treatment maze from star to finish; the essentials of a comprehensive natural treatment approach; case-based sample protocols including acu-moxa, herbal, functional medicine, and

Hillary Thing, LAc. is a holistic Lyme disease specialist with over two decades of clinical experience. She trains health professionals in holistic Lyme treatment via a year-long training, the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship. Hillary educates people worldwide via, and at scientific and holistic medical conferences throughout the US. She treats patients both in-person at Nourishing Life Health Center in Kingston, NY and internationally via telemedicine.

Join us for this excellent class. Register Now!

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